What Are Circuit CEC Personal Trainer Courses?

Circuit Training with a personal trainer is for people who are always on the road, or trying to make most of their workouts in a short time frame. It basically means you perform a set of exercises repeatedly without a break! It is very essential for building muscle strength. These exercises can be done with the help of a machine, dumbbells, or any other movement.

How to do it?

Well before your start, you need to find the set of exercises that you are going to do. Your personal trainer cec courses will give you a full list of the exercises. Once you set your timer, start with the first, then the second, till you reach the end and start with the first again. No Breaks! Some do alternative exercises such as aerobics in one rep then cardio in the other. Just make sure you are doing whatever is healthy for your body. Always make sure that you choose a personal trainer with PT Certifications Worldwide.

How does it help you?

It is basically a great time saver while working out all your muscles at the same time, which reduces weight. Since you are shifting between types of workout, you tend to work different parts of your body, while losing weight. It’s a west way to alter body composition. It also helps you be dedicated to the workout. When you know an exercise is only going to last for 90 seconds, you shall tend to give your best go at it. Hence, high motivation.

It is acceptable for all age groups from an athlete to a beginner in fitness. So you can form a team, and take your circuit training to the next level musical chair game. For example if you have five members in your team, start with five sets of exercises and shift to your friend’s equipment once the time is out. For more information visit: www.ptcertifications.com/fitness-australia-personal-trainer-cec-courses/.

Throw away the boredom and the loneliness of gymming. With the help of a proper Bondi  trainer, you’d be having a list of exercises in your to do list, that saves you time from waiting in line to use the equipment, and roaming around, waiting for a partner in the gym.

How do you do it?

To start with, hire a good Bondi Personal Trainer who understands your past fitness regime and your energy, stamina levels.  To find the best trainers go to PT Certifications. Using these data’s, the personal trainer is supposed to choose a set of exercises for you.

Each exercise with its equipment is called a station and the number of times you repeat it again and again is called a rep. You are allowed to use a station from 2 to 5 minutes where you can manage 10 to 20 reps of that exercise depending on how much time it takes. You change your station after you’re advised number of reps are done.

So here is an example of one circuit.

Jumping or skipping rope (10 mins)

Bicep curls with dumbbells (20 reps)

Squats and lunges (20 reps)

Mountain climbers

Plank sideways (2 mins each)

Cycling (20 mins)

Circuit training allows you to explore different equipment with cutting edge technology. It also helps you rest your muscles of one part while you are working out the other. For example if you have been working out your calf muscles, then take the next station that involves sitting and working biceps.

The key is to target and work as many muscle groups as possible while doing this in a very less time frame.

How Your Online Personal Trainer can Help You Lose Baby Weight

Motherhood is one of the beautiful emotions in the world and it can transform your entire life.

However, you might not be very happy about the fat bulges around your body. Post delivery Baby fat is phenomenally difficult to get rid of. If you can enter into a structured workout regime with outdoor fitness training in Bondi Beach then there are high chances that you can get your earlier fit and toned look back.

Workout with your baby
If you can find out a way to incorporate your baby into workout then you will not have to compromise on the time you spend with your little one. You can try strapping your baby into a sturdy baby carrier and then doing your squats. This way you can rest assured that you are always physically near your little one.

The best body online transformation challenge program in Australia has these great tips for you;

When you do push-ups or crunches place your baby’s pram right in front of you. Babies make for great distractions and you will never ever feel bored while working out. Bondi fitness trainers say that carrying your baby along with you will give you more resistance while doing strength training.

Start slowDon’t jump into exercise 5 days after your delivery.

The minimum rest period post delivery is six weeks. Recognize the changes that your body has gone through and start off with small baby steps towards fitness. You can do a quick ten-minute exercise regime every day till you feel your stamina increase. Always exercise in a location so that you could be near your child when he/she needs you.

In about one month you can graduate to proper half an hour session every day. Bondi personal fitness trainers feel that exercise should always be structured and graded.

Invest in a jogging stroller

A jogging stroller is ideal for helping young mothers shed off their post delivery flab. The tires of the jogger are well equipped to handle rough roads and uneven terrain. You and your baby can go for a jog every day if you have this stroller with you. Once you hit the road and start running your metabolic rate and physiological processes will improve. Personal trainers in Bondi say that with regular jogging trips you can get rid of baby fat in two months.

Utilise all opportunities

As a new mother, you must be aware of the demands on your time and attention by your precious little darling. Learn to grab each opportunity you get to take a small step towards fitness. For example, if you are sitting in a chair try exhaling while squeezing the abs muscles towards your spine. You need to hold this posture for at least 5 seconds and then do 3 reps.

Change your diet

Get rid of starchy carbs and fried food from your diet. You could include fruits, fresh vegetables and dairy products in your meal plans. Fitness trainers in Bondi say that weight loss plans have to be backed up by a sensible and science.

Things to Keep in Mind when Wanting to Build Muscle

It’s very important to understand that muscle build up is the most important part of building fitness and strength in your body. However the road to fitness is littered with mis-information, stress and several problems. You will be exposed to several articles and books each professing a different attitude and differing view point about muscle build up. You need to find your way out of this maze and so follow these tips collected from the best personal trainers in Sydney. You might be wondering who the best personal trainer in Sydney is, keep on reading… all will be revealed!

Continue doing 4 strength training sessions per week
It’s very important to follow the correct consistency and duration of exercise for achieving best muscle growth. Doing too less of exercise will not help muscles grow and over exercising will strain your muscles.

Expert boot camp instructors in Sydney say that 4 exercise sessions per week is ideal when it comes to building muscle power. If you do too less exercise then muscle growth might not happen while doing a lot of hard core strength training will cause muscle strain and will cause a hiatus in your fitness goals. Dan Clay and Dangerously Fit say’s that 4 strength training sessions per week is ideal for your muscle growth goals.

Eat a lot of protein
You will have to eat a lot of protein if you really want to pump up your muscles. Amino acids are the building blocks of all kinds of cells in the body including muscle cells. Protein should ideally form a major component of your diet so make sure you include a lot of lean protein in your diet like fish, tuna, egg white, soya, pulses and lean chicken. Nuts and yoghurt should also be an important part of your diet. For more guidance you can ask your Sydney personal trainer for diet advice.

Get enough sleep
You have to understand that muscle growth can only happen in a healthy body and a healthy body should have adequate rest. Ensure that you put in at least 8 hours of every sleep every night so that muscles are regenerated and revived. Anyway you cannot continue pumping iron in the gym with a tired and listless body. Exercise requires a lot of psychological participation and that’s only possible if you take adequate rest.

Stay stress free
Stress is the number one enemy of all health goals including muscle gain. In fact stress produces hormones like cortisol which promote fat deposition and stop muscles from growing. You need to practice breathing exercises, practice yoga and make an attempt to keep negative thoughts away if you want to gain muscle power.

Stay away from toxins
Stay away from alcohol, fries food and high sugar items in order to maintain a focus towards muscle gain. Don’t consume toxins that slow down your metabolic rate and inhibit your bodily functions. Personal trainers Sydney said that the secret to muscle growth is a dedicated graduated exercise routine with enough rest, positive thoughts and good discipline. Follow these tips and get yourself brawnier! So trust what your trainer says so you don’t have to wonder how to build muscle fast.