Things to Keep in Mind when Wanting to Build Muscle

It’s very important to understand that muscle build up is the most important part of building fitness and strength in your body. However the road to fitness is littered with mis-information, stress and several problems. You will be exposed to several articles and books each professing a different attitude and differing view point about muscle build up. You need to find your way out of this maze and so follow these tips collected from the best personal trainers in Sydney. You might be wondering who the best personal trainer in Sydney is, keep on reading… all will be revealed!

Continue doing 4 strength training sessions per week
It’s very important to follow the correct consistency and duration of exercise for achieving best muscle growth. Doing too less of exercise will not help muscles grow and over exercising will strain your muscles.

Expert boot camp instructors in Sydney say that 4 exercise sessions per week is ideal when it comes to building muscle power. If you do too less exercise then muscle growth might not happen while doing a lot of hard core strength training will cause muscle strain and will cause a hiatus in your fitness goals. Dan Clay and Dangerously Fit say’s that 4 strength training sessions per week is ideal for your muscle growth goals.

Eat a lot of protein
You will have to eat a lot of protein if you really want to pump up your muscles. Amino acids are the building blocks of all kinds of cells in the body including muscle cells. Protein should ideally form a major component of your diet so make sure you include a lot of lean protein in your diet like fish, tuna, egg white, soya, pulses and lean chicken. Nuts and yoghurt should also be an important part of your diet. For more guidance you can ask your Sydney personal trainer for diet advice.

Get enough sleep
You have to understand that muscle growth can only happen in a healthy body and a healthy body should have adequate rest. Ensure that you put in at least 8 hours of every sleep every night so that muscles are regenerated and revived. Anyway you cannot continue pumping iron in the gym with a tired and listless body. Exercise requires a lot of psychological participation and that’s only possible if you take adequate rest.

Stay stress free
Stress is the number one enemy of all health goals including muscle gain. In fact stress produces hormones like cortisol which promote fat deposition and stop muscles from growing. You need to practice breathing exercises, practice yoga and make an attempt to keep negative thoughts away if you want to gain muscle power.

Stay away from toxins
Stay away from alcohol, fries food and high sugar items in order to maintain a focus towards muscle gain. Don’t consume toxins that slow down your metabolic rate and inhibit your bodily functions. Personal trainers Sydney said that the secret to muscle growth is a dedicated graduated exercise routine with enough rest, positive thoughts and good discipline. Follow these tips and get yourself brawnier! So trust what your trainer says so you don’t have to wonder how to build muscle fast.