Things to Discuss With Your Trainer When Exercising Post Child Birth

The birth of a baby marks the end of pregnancy and beginning of a new phase in your life. As a new mother, you are overwhelmed by all the changes happening within and all around and it is indeed difficult to spare some personal time for yourself. However, this is just the time when you need to pay extra attention to your health, nutrition and physical appearance. Hiring a personal trainer in Lylifield is the best thing you can do for yourself at this juncture. You will feel pampered with all that attention, your body will regain its former shape and strength and you will learn all about how to stay fit and healthy for life.

Exercising Post Childbirth

Pregnancy and delivery are two of the most physically demanding and traumatic experiences of a woman’s life. Delivery especially leaves you exhausted and weak. Adequate exercise, nutritious food and proper rest are the only ways you can regain your former strength and physical appearance.

Always consult your physio prior to starting any exercise programme. He is the best person to evaluate your condition and understand how well you have healed. Exercising without his consent can aggravate any injury (internal or external) and lead to complications.

Generally, it is safe for you to start exercising about four weeks after a vaginal birth and six weeks after a C-section. However, this waiting period can be extended further by your doctor if you have a lot of lacerations or stitches that must heal properly before you can strain yourself physically.

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What to Discuss with your Trainer

It is best to discuss certain issues with your trainer from fitness training in Balmain before hiring him as many women have unrealistic expectations that lead to a lot of disappointments later on. Understanding your postpartum body and its limitations and how your trainer can help you will give you a clear idea of your goals and how to achieve them.

When can you Start Exercising

Once you get your doctor’s clearance, talk to your trainer about when to commence the sessions. Your trainer will go through your medical reports and evaluate your present condition and help you set a safe and achievable goal.

How Long will it Take to Regain your Former Body

The truth is that it is extremely rare for a woman to completely regain her post-pregnancy body with firm muscles and taut abdomen. Exercise can certainly improve your looks and help you tuck that jelly belly but it is difficult to achieve that taut look especially when the abdominal region tends to sag.

Usually, it should take you around nine months to one year to tone your body and regain your former looks somewhat. However, this again will depend on how regularly and intensely you can exercise and how much flab you want to shed.

How should your Plan your Meals

Proper nutrition is vitally important for you both during and after pregnancy. Unhealthy eating at this stage will just pile on the fat further whereas improper food will affect your healing process and also the quantity of breast milk you are able to produce. Your personal trainer inLylifieldwill give you a diet plan to follow that will contain all food groups necessary to improve your stamina and immunity. He will also advise you on what to avoid and how to control your indulgences.